Friday, January 9, 2009

DAY 258

Prateeksha, Mumbai January 7, 2009 12:13 am

I was trying desperately to post two articles or write ups or columns or whatever they are called, by the same author, contradicting their own selves. My expertise in doing the technicalities seem to have failed miserably. So I abstain and shall seek the guidance of the servers when they come for a meeting tomorrow morning.
It was a piece written by Shobha De, the eminent columnist where she had castigated ShahRukh, Aamir and yours truly for behaving like cowards and not making any comments after the Mumbai carnage. This was in MidDay. Subsequently there was a more recent article by same eminence, in the Asian Age, where her opening paragraph leads us to believe that she abhors views and opinions and debates and reactions playing incessantly on the tube !
Just felt it was dichotomous in nature. If dichotomous be an expression of acceptance by the Chambers and the Oxfords. Oh ! Eureka ! I checked. It actually is. The articles are there to be observed.

“ Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
‘What is forgiveness ? A cute little girl gave this lovely reply - ” Its the wonderful smell a flower gives when it is being crushed “
I do hope you will not frown upon this familiarity, but I could not resist sending this sms on my mobile, to all of you -
The test predicts the person you will invite for a cuppa tea asap -
Pick a number from 1 - 9
Multiply by 3
Add 3
Again multiply by 3
You get a 2 digit number
Add both the numbers, eg: 21, then 2+1
Glimpse your favorite person -
1 Obama
2 Sonia Gandhi
3 Darsheel Daftary
4 Tom Cruise
5 Priyanka Chopra
6 Ballika Vadhu
7 Dr Kalam
8 Katrina Kaif
9 Amitabh Bachchan
Thanks a lot for your choice and accept the truth !!!

Its the stuff that fills up my mobile and its the stuff I share.
Furious debates reactions and comments occur during the course of the day. India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine and Hamas and Gaza and LeT and J&K and militants holed up in defiance and LTTE and SriLanka..
Morbid pictures and visuals keep recurrently appearing on the TV. Viewers are asked to spend some money from their mobile to push in votes, pro and against the topics of discussion. Half an hour later, attractive conductor of debate, after chatting with several learned, well, supposedly learned, individuals on the subject, gallantly conclude with great fan fare and crunching back ground score, the final outcome. Adjust their make up and dress, their saries and salwar kameez and suits with badly knotted ties, disconnect the microphones from their lapels and drift off into the social whirl, to pick up perhaps the next sensation for the following morning ! The dead the innocent killed, without any care and feeling, another day’s job done !
Who is more merciless ? Those that indulge in unwanted belligerent violence, or those that force their belligerence on the viewer ??
My love as always -

Amitabh bachchan.


Anonymous said...

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Pankaj Chauhan said...

hello sir How Are You?
i am pankaj From delhi.I like your movies.

Diamond Gargiya said...

Sir !

Main aapka bahut bada "pankha" hu !

aur aapki is pic ko dekh kar muje kuch yaad aa gaya !

sunata hu !

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata ha !

bahut achcha song hai !

aur maine apne pyaar ko isi song se impress kiya !

i wana give you thanks a lot.

Diamond Gargiya

Kishor se miliye said...

Amit ji,
sadar jai bhaichara!
bachpan me jab maene apki pahli film "saat hindustani" dekhi thi tabhi se mai apka fan ban gaya tha.
kabhi-kabhi mujhe khyal aata hai mano ap mere behad karibi hon.....

amish said...

Respected Sir

I dont know how n what to write to Superstar.I am 24 and have grown-up by watching ur movies.I just want to say that I am also one of your fan n want to wish you for long n healthy life.

Amish Kumar

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